Our History:

Building Responsibly from The Start

Delphi has what might be considered an unusual origin story. Our professional roots are in the Owners Rep side of the Industry where we represented a variety of clients in the Healthcare Market. The construction company was actually formed in response to a direct request from a long term client about to undertake a large Hospital construction project.

This client had been so impressed with our highly personalized approach, our degree of professionalism and the in-depth construction knowledge we demonstrated in our owner’s rep role, that he inquired if we would consider handling the Construction Management responsibilities as well.

After carefully considering the opportunity,  Delphi Construction was founded in 1992.

From the beginning, our mission was to do things a little differently from what we had observed as standard operating procedure in the construction Industry. We believed that if we personalized the approach, consistently put the client’s needs first and operated with an unwavering commitment to the principles of honesty and integrity, we would have a recipe for enduring success.

Since that time, Delphi has grown from a small firm focusing on healthcare, to an organization of more than 70 full time employees and leadership team team serving a long list of clients in all major construction sectors.

With annual revenues in excess of $60 Million and a current project Bonding level of over $100Million, Delphi is well positioned for continued growth into the future.

Much has changed for Delphi Construction since those early days, but one thing has remained constant: Our commitment to the core values of Honesty and Integrity that has led to our success in the first place.

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