We are looking to partner with the best in the business.

As an increasingly visible leader in multi-market construction management, Delphi is looking to to build true partnerships with the best qualified subcontractors in the Industry.

If you fit that description and seek to build a long term relationship built on mutual trust and respect, we want to hear from you.

Get Pre-Qualified

Delphi has a Pre-Qualification process for all prospective subcontractors.

Our Subcontractor Relationship Manager, Susan Hackett will be happy to guide you through the process to become a pre-qualified subcontractor ready to bid on work with Delphi Construction.

Start by completing the simple contact form to begin the process or to learn more.

Items You Will Need During the Pre-Qualification Process:

1. Financial Statements
2. I9 Forms
3. Other Document One
4. Other Document Two
5. Other Document Three

Start with This Form

Please complete the simple contact form so our Subcontractor Relations Manager may get in touch with you.

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About Susan Hackett

As part of our continuing efforts to build true partner relationships with the best qualified subcontractors in the industry, Delphi has created the role of Subcontractor Relations Manager and has selected Susan Hackett to fill this role. In this capacity and as the title implies, Susan will be responsible for fostering and growing Delphi’s network of partner subcontractors as well as serving as a liaison between subcontractors and Delphi’s project management teams to aid in the success of our subcontractors and the overall project.

Susan has been with Delphi since July 2014 when she was hired as an Assistant Project Manager and is familiar with the challenges of the construction process.