5 Ways Pre-Construction Services Can Help Ensure the Success of Your Project

When it comes to pre-construction services, the earlier you connect with a construction manager, the better.

Not so long ago, standard operating procedure was for the client and architect to work in relative isolation, developing design concepts and revising drawings to accomplish the evolving goals of the project. In many cases they would only reach out to a GC for an order of magnitude estimate once they had a solid direction. This approach often resulted in “big surprises” in terms of cost and project duration. Fortunately most owners have recognized the value of bringing in a construction partner in the earliest stages. Asking a construction expert to assist with pre-construction planning from the beginning can greatly improve efficiencies in the planning process and ensure success in getting the project from concept to start of construction.   Below are some of the main benefits that come with pre-construction services.

1. Pre-Construction Services Yield Accurate Budgets

Working with a qualified construction manager during pre-construction is essential in developing an accurate, predictable budget. Qualified pre-con professionals can aid in the development of fully detailed line item by line item scopes of work for all items (regardless of the level of information available). They can use that scope as the basis of a review with all team members. Through an interactive discussion they can ensure that all anticipated scope is accurately included in the budget line items or create placeholders for yet to be defined scope. Using a blend of take offs, internal pricing, past experience, and subcontractor/supplier input to provide expert analysis and inform each budget line item. By effectively using alternates preconstruction services providers can keep the base budget tight while allowing for the future inclusion of additional scope items as funding, bid results or contingencies may permit.

2. Preconstruction Services Can Yield Cost Savings Opportunities

Construction experts who offer preconstruction services are able to bring their knowledge to bear in order to find cost reduction and savings solutions. For example, pre-con pros can compare products, building methods, differing systems, the availability of goods and labor forces, review multiple phasing and logistics approaches, and/or recommend changes to project elements early in the process before considerable time and design resources have been spent. By taking ongoing and interactive steps at each level of the design & estimate to make sure the projects costs are aligned with the project’s financial goals, pre-con service providers can eliminate unnecessary delays and redesign expenses.

3. Preconstruction is the Best Time to Develop Ideal Phasing and Logistics Plans

Highly skilled preconstruction experts are like creative puzzle solvers who work with input from the project team, local authorities, and any stakeholders such as abutters or occupants in order to develop an optimum phasing and logistics plan.  They develop, implement, provide and update as needed – integrated phasing plans and a fully detailed construction schedule. If the project requires, further, they can work with local authorities and jurisdictions to develop delivery schedules, traffic management plans, and other coordination items as needed.

4. Preconstruction Service Providers Can Help Vet Subcontractors

Pre-construction services providers can help ensure that only the most qualified, reliable subs end up working on your site. For example, Delphi maintains an extensive list of pre-qualified firms. All of whom must pass a financial review, reference checks and have good hiring practices. Each must also have a clean safety record and carry industry standard insurance policies at appropriate levels. By hand picking subs from our master list we will align the right types of firms by market sector experience or specialty trade. We will ensure that they are the appropriate size and have the labor forces availability to perform the work if chosen.

5. Preconstruction Service Providers Can Analyze Subcontractor Bids

Working on your behalf, qualified preconstruction service providers can help ensure subcontractor bids are comprehensive and fair. At Delphi, for example,  our team reviews all proposals received for completeness of scope and an understanding of project’s schedule and requirements. We also meet with all key trades for in person scope reviews prior to any work being awarded. Delphi Estimating then stays involved and aids project management in post bid subcontractor negotiation and award of trades in order to ensure that a smooth transition of bid information, expectations, and inclusions are captured in subcontract negotiation & award.