AGC MA Presents Delphi with Award for Exemplary Safety Record

Delphi Honored to Accept Massachusetts Merit Award

Delphi Construction Vice President, Joe Mastromatteo (l) and Project Executive, Larry Mchugh(r) are presented with the award certificate by David Bunnell (c) at the AGCMA Awards Breakfast.

BOSTON- Delphi Construction, Inc. was recently honored with a Massachusetts Merit Award at the annual AGC MA Safety Breakfast & Awards sponsored by Aon Construction Services Group. The breakfast was recently held at at the Club at Boston College with special guest speaker Lt. Paul Fitzpatrick, Boston Fire Department Construction Inspection Unit.

The AGC National Safety Award recognizes firms that have developed and successfully implemented industry-leading safety standards across its portfolio of work. The award program incentivizes construction firms to evaluate and improve existing safety standards. In order to qualify for a Safety Award, an AGC member firm must participate in the AGC Safety Awards Program for three consecutive years and have either zero lost-day incidence cases, or an average incidence case rate 25% below the average rate of all firms that participate in that particular division.

Delphi was presented with a Massachusetts Merit Award for Exemplary Safety Record in the Building Division.