Total Transparency, Maximum Flexibility:
Delphi True Open Book™ GMP/Cost Plus

Some construction projects are mandated to adhere to a Stipulated Sum Bidding process and contract structure. For other clients who have more flexibility in terms of contract structure, Delphi’s True Open Book GMP approach may be a perfect fit. This approach to Construction Management  is completely transparent, highly collaborative and can bring tremendous benefit (and return significant savings) to our clients. Our True Open Book approach affords clients the highest level of project input. Delphi works closely with each client to develop a detailed, customized and comprehensive program for implementing the construction process in a way that perfectly fits their needs.

Phase One: Project Development- Design Review, Cost Estimating, Schedule Development

During the development of the construction documents, our Project Development team will work closely with the Project Management team reviewing the plans and specifications to provide an overall constructability assessment of the design documents. This is a valuable process to ensure that the project reflects the way the project will be built in the field including critical details.  Our goal is that the project will not contain design roadblocks, and that design alternatives are presented to the team for review prior to the final construction drawings.  This will not only save valuable design time and cost, but will save valuable time in the field.

Along with this review, the project development team, staffed by our experienced estimators develop and update a detailed project budget, including value engineering options, alternate pricing, and other options .  These budgets are detailed, giving specific line-by-line breakdowns of all work to be performed, including quantities, unit pricing and assumptions.  The budget is developed using input from our project managers, superintendents, architects, engineers and the client.

We will also price key components with  to our select group of subcontractors and suppliers.  Pricing key items with subcontractors and suppliers enables us to validate our unit costs in our estimate and eliminate any items that could impact the budget adversely.  We can do this without obligation to any subcontractor or vendor.

In conjunction with the construction  budget, we can also assist in developing  an Owner’s Budget.  This supplemental budget contains all construction costs, but also tracks all non-construction expenditures which will impact the overall project cost, such as architect and engineering fees, furnishing costs, equipment costs, technology and other costs not specifically covered within the construction budget.  Our clients have found this budget to be valuable in managing their projects because it represents the true cost of their project.

Schedule development is, like our budgets, done on a continuous basis to provide the most accurate schedule structure possible.  Every aspect of the work is scheduled in detail, with project phases, milestones, and objectives, and long lead items input to create a critical path for the project.  Input from the entire project team, along with lead times, fabrication, delivery and installation requirements from our sub-contractors, are accounted for within the schedule. Every project is different and needs a customized approach, we put a lot of thought into how to best phase and schedule the work in order to meet the client’s specific needs. Whether the priority is minimizing impact on current daily users or residents, meeting a tight deadline, doing our best to minimize the impact New England’s ever changing weather has on the project, or all of the above our experience enables us to tailor the most effective schedule for our client’s project.

Phase Two: Procurement of Pre-Qualified Subcontractors

Delphi’s bidding process really starts with the budget development, and grows from there.  During Phase Two, we develop the subcontractor bid list for the project. Delphi has built strong partner relationships with the best in the field to whom we bid out work. We have the highest standards and expectations in terms of quality of work and and professionalism. All potential new subcontractors undergo a rigorous pre-qualification process so that our clients can be assured assured that everyone on the job site deserves to be there. All potential subcontractors are fully vetted by Delphi, pre-qualified for consideration, reviewed and approved by the client prior to formal bidding of the project.

As each trade is bid out, Delphi collects the bids and inputs them into our proprietary bid analysis form.  The bid analysis enables us to ensure that all subcontractors have accounted for the full scope of work they will be responsible for should they be awarded the work.

This comparison and analysis reduces or eliminates change orders and provides the client with a market driven total cost for the project.  No subcontracts will be awarded until the client is satisfied with the completeness of the bid process and signs off on the bid analysis.

During the execution of the work, Delphi enforces the scope of work for all subcontractors, which is developed from the bid analysis.   As part of our “true open book” method, this entire process is transparent and open to review by the client at all times.

The entire process of budgeting, contract negotiations and change order negotiations is part of the project review process and is open to review, analysis and discussion during the regular project team meetings.  Our cost reporting process draws a clear and detailed picture of the entire project on a continuous basis and is one of the cornerstones of our ongoing success with our repeat clients.

Phase Three: Construction Management and Administration

During the construction phase of the project, our Project Executive, Project Manager, Construction Manager, Project support  staff, and financial staff work closely together to ensure the project is built as planned and within budget.
The project executive is primarily responsible for oversight of overall project team execution and client interface to assure overall project “on time and on budget” delivery.

The project manager is primarily responsible for working with the project development team to manage procurement including subcontractor selection and negotiation, maintains the budget,  interfaces with the client and architect /engineers, provides cost control, and overall execution of the work.

The construction manager/superintendent is primarily responsible for all onsite construction activities, including subcontractor management, daily schedule management, interactions with town and regulatory agencies, and distributing information on project progress back to the rest of the team.

The project support staff includes the project controller, assistant project managers, and  other administrative staff,  this team is responsible for information and data flow including contracts and change orders processing, submittals, requests for information, document tracking and information flow to the subcontractors and vendors.

The financial staff maintains the financial records,, manages payments and insurance, develops AIA requisitions, and oversees overall financial control and reporting.
We utilize the best tools available to perform these tasks, including Microsoft Project®, Procore, Sage Timberline®, and a variety of proprietary forms, documents and programs.

This is a general overview of how our team manages the construction process.  We will develop a detailed, customized and comprehensive program for implementing the construction process that fits each clients’ individual needs.

“I highly recommend Delphi Construction for any work you have related to construction adjacent to occupied residences. Delphi showed not only precision in the construction process, but also managed the process in a way that residents and staff were able to continue to live and work in the midst of it all.”
Rev. Herbert Taylor, President and CEO Deaconess Abundant Life Communities
“Delphi consistently performs all their work in a safe, sensitive, clean and expeditious manner without disruption to our ongoing activities. I highly recommend Delphi Construction to anyone pursuing a large scale residential project, particularly one involving continuing occupancy.”
George Senerth, Jr., VP of Project Management, Masonic Health System
“Delphi has always endeavored to minimize any added expense to us, and has been generous with their efforts beyond what is called for in their contract, taking a genuine interest in the needs and concerns of St. Christopher’s Church.”
Bruce Wood, Chair, Building Committee St. Christopher’s Episcopal Church
“Delphi surprised us by consistently bringing up issues before we thought of them.”
Erik Jarnryd, CEO Harvey Industries
“Their Work always proceeds smoothly and with minimal disruption to our ongoing operations – even in our busiest and most demanding environments.”
Colin MacLachlan, Facilities Manager Emerson Hospital
“Without exception, all of the feedback from everyone involved with Delphi was 100% positive. The quality of work was superior and timeliness was excellent.”
Norman H. Gopin, President Elite Management and Development Corp.

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