Building Responsibly.

What We Mean by Building Responsibly.

Our philosophy is rooted in the idea that as the company selected to manage construction, we are ultimately responsible for all aspects of the project and its overall success.

In the pursuit of delivering A+ Projects, we recognize that we have a host of responsibilities to all of the constituents on every project and we work hard to fulfill them to the best our ability.

These include, first and foremost, our responsibility to deliver a final product that meets our clients needs through a process that exceeds their expectations.

But our responsibility extends beyond just our client to include all of the stakeholders on the project including our design side partners, our own staff, government agencies and the larger community.

Below, you will find a description of what we view as our responsibilities to all stakeholders.

To Our Clients

Our Responsibility to Our Client

Our responsibility to our client begins the moment we decide to respond to a Request for Proposal and continues through the bid development process, to construction and beyond completion.

  • Take a Highly-Personal, Client-Centered Approach That Puts the Needs of Our Client First.

  • Work Collaboratively with All Project Stakeholders As Partners with a Shared Goal.

  • Meet Our Clients’ Needs  Through a Process That Exceeds Their Expectations.

  • Act in a Manner Consistent with our Core Values of Honesty and Integrity at all Times.

To Our Design-Side Partners

Our Responsibility to Our Design-Side Partners

Our approach to working with architects is collaborative, not adversarial. The way we see it, we are project partners working toward a common goal: delivering an outstanding final product to our client, the owner. We work hard to strengthen the architect/contractor relationship with every project. 

  • Respect The Creative Process

  • Foster a Collaborative Relationship

  • Fully Understand The Design and Specs

  • Be Effective Communicators

  • Be Flexible, Creative Problem Solvers

To Our Staff

Our Responsibility to Our Staff

In today’s competitive recruiting environment, construction companies need to do more than just offer good wages to attract employees. They need to become the kind of company where the best prospects want to come and build a career.

  • Our Employees Are Well Trained

  • Our Employees are Well-Equipped

  • Our Employees See a Clear Path to Professional and Personal Development

Toward Safety

Our Responsibility Toward Safe Operations

Delphi Construction is dedicated to the safe operation of all our work environments for all employees, subcontractors and guests. 

  • Delphi’s Director of Safety is part of our senior leadership team.

  • All site personnel, regardless of job description are required to undergo OSHA 10-Hour Safety Training. 

  • All Delphi project personnel are required to obtain OSHA 30-Hour Safety Training Certification.

  • All Staff Undergo Regular Safety Training and are Expected to Operate with Safety as Their Priority.

To The Environment

Our Responsibility To The Environment

At Delphi, we are committed to green building and sustainability. We provide training for our staff and work to improve our ability to deliver green/sustainable buildings to our clients. 

  • Implementing the highest standards of sustainable construction including Passive Building & LEED

  • Conserving Natural Resources Throughout Construction

  • Minimizing Waste and Carbon Footprint

To The Community

Our Responsibility To The Community

From the beginning, we have had a deep commitment to support charities and good works. This commitment manifests itself in supporting charitable organizations through both financial giving and by personal involvement. Below is a partial list of charities we support:

  • Make-a-Wish Foundation

  • Massachusetts Breast Cancer Coalition

  • South Shore Veterans

  • Boys & Girls Clubs

  • Toys for Tots

  • Cardinal Cushing Center