Pre-Construction Consulting

Pre-Construction Services that ensure the success of the entire project.

Design/Constructability Evaluation

As part of the pre-construction team, Delphi’s Project Development staff will meet with the Owner and Design Team to provide input on constructability and review potential benefits, challenges, and obstacles to the proposed conceptual designs.

Precise budget development and cost saving strategies.

By providing detailed cost analysis and budgeting throughout the design process, we are able to assist the Owner and Design Team in ensuring that the design does not exceed the Owners desired budget for construction. With an extensive database of current project pricing, we can provide accurate estimates very early in the process to help inform the teams decisions. By comparing building methods, products, and current availability of goods and labor forces we can provide the team with the insight needed to avoid unnecessary delays and redesign expense.

Comprehensive schedules, phasing and logistics.

Early on we will involve Delphi’s experienced senior construction staff for input with schedule development, logistics, and potential phasing approaches. By identifying design advantages and the potential benefits of a specific site, as well as possible pitfalls associated with site specific challenges and the varying construction methods possible, our experienced team can help control costs and avoid future surprises that lead to additional cost.

Subcontractor analysis & input

Early in the process we will solicit input from select members of our extensive list of prequalified subcontractors to assist with project specific cost analysis to help avoid cost impact that might be difficult to capture with standard unit or square foot pricing. As design progresses, we will engage multiple subs in every trade and provide detailed analysis and “leveling” of the sub pricing in order to help ensure that the correct cost is carried in each trade.