Our People

The Delphi approach to recruitment is to hire the best and empower them to become even better. Our full time staff consists of nearly 80 construction professionals who are among the most highly skilled and best trained in the Industry.  We utilize a mentoring framework for employee development which ensures that every member of our team is positioned for growth, fully equipped for each new position and always aligned with our core values of honesty and integrity.

Delphi Leadership

Delphi’s leadership group is comprised of seasoned construction industry professionals, each with many years experience managing highly complex projects. Our corporate organizational structure facilitates the highest degree of interaction, communication and accountability. Each member of the leadership team plays a vital role in ensuring that our clients needs come first and that their expectations are exceeded on every project.

Jake Simmons, Chairman Delphi Construction

Jake is the owner and Chairman of Delphi Construction, Inc. and is responsible for overall strategy, business and market development.

Jake has over 25 years experience in the Construction Industry, first working in his family’s residential construction business prior to attaining a Bachelor of Arts in Architecture. Jake joined Delphi in 1994 taking on the Presidents role and assuming ownership of the company in 2001. At that time, Delphi was a relatively small firm focusing on the Healthcare Market. Under Jake’s direction, Delphi has grown to become a multi-market leader providing comprehensive construction management services to a long list of clients throughout New England.

In addition to his continued involvement with Delphi, Jake sits on a number of Industry boards, including non-profit organizations and higher education.

Keith Shaw, President

As President of Delphi Construction, Keith is responsible for all aspects of the daily operations of Delphi Construction.

Keith has over 30 years of experience in the Construction Industry beginning as an apprentice carpenter in the field and ultimately launched his own construction business prior to coming on board at Delphi.  Keith was recruited by Delphi as Construction Manager in 1999 and later joined the executive team in the role of Vice President, serving for 3 years prior to becoming Chief Operating Officer and then, President.

Corey Heaslip, Vice President

As Vice President, oversees all of Delphi’s project delivery teams. He works closely with our clients in multiple markets to ensure project success. Corey’s practical experience allows him to manage multiple factors during project development through project delivery while his leadership skills ensure successful outcomes and strong team dynamics.

Chris Thompson, Director of Project Development

As Director of Project Development for Delphi Construction, Chris is responsible for assisting clients in taking projects from concept to the start of construction. With over 20 years of experience in construction estimating and pre-construction planning, Chris and his team of seasoned estimators work closely with clients, design professionals, and Delphi’s Project Executives and Managers  providing construction planning, project options, solutions, logistics, budget support, design recommendations and permitting assistance as necessary to help the entire team meet the project’s goals.

Chris’ broad experience in developing detailed scopes of work at all levels of design enables the team to understand the real costs at early stages of the project. This helps inform design development and ensures that the client is maximizing construction dollars to best meet their project’s and user’s requirements.

Lindsay Dettenrieder, Director of Finance

As Director of Finance, Lindsay is responsible for internal financial operations at Delphi, along with external banking, insurance and bonding processes. Lindsay brings a passion for business performance leadership. In addition to her finance-related responsibilities, Lindsay plays a key role on the Human Resources side with overall responsibility for management of the company’s H.R. policies and benefits as well as spearheading talent acquisition and hiring.

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