Project Description

Brookline Bank

Bank in Chestnut Hill, Massachusetts

Project Type: 
Renovation with Extensive Site Development

Project Size: 
4,245 square feet

Brookline Bank, Brookline, MA

Torrey Architecture, Boston, MA

Delivery Method:
Construction Management

About Brookline Bank

When creating a new branch office location in the Chestnut Hill neighborhood, Brookline Bank decided to rehabilitate a mixed use site by removing two dilapidated residential buildings, and renovating the remaining former antiques retail store.  The construction work involved extensive new site construction to create the parking areas, landscaping and drive-through lanes.  Work on the building was extensive, involving a complete rehabilitation from the rough structural skeleton right up through the completed new facility.

The exterior façade was reworked, with new finishes, windows and entrances.  The interiors were completely new, with all new mechanical systems, partitions, electrical infrastructure, as well as new final finishes, casework and trim throughout.  The final product is useful and attractive improvement to the neighborhood, with a high degree of client satisfaction with the overall project.

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Brookline Bank, renovation
Brookline Bank, renovation
Brookline Bank, renovation
Brookline Bank, renovation