Construction Management

Delphi True Open Book™ GMP/Cost Plus provides transparency every step of the construction process

Delphi True Open Book™ : The Transparent Approach to Construction Management

Some projects require a traditional Stipulated Sum/General Contractor approach, in which case Delphi is always happy to provide a comprehensive, accurate and competitive lump sum bid as the General Contractor for the project.

Other clients with more contract structure flexibility may find that a “Construction Management” approach is a better fit. This approach provides clients with total transparency into costs and allows the greatest degree of decision making input throughout the duration of the project.

Under the Delphi True Open Book™ Construction Management Framework, our Project Development Team works closely with the client to develop a comprehensive budget covering all aspects of the project in great detail. With this “maximum budget” in hand, the client is presented with a variety of options and recommendations and is able to select from a field of Delphi-vetted subcontractors, make decisions on material options etc.

The client has total transparency into costs and all savings are returned to the client.

Delphi manages all aspects of construction and charges only for overhead plus a management fee based on an agreed upon percentage of the total budget.

Benefits of Construction Management

  • Cost Transparency

  • Maximum Decision Making Input

  • Precise Maximum Budget

  • Predictable Fees

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“I highly recommend Delphi Construction for any work you have related to construction adjacent to occupied residences. Delphi showed not only precision in the construction process, but also managed the process in a way that residents and staff were able to continue to live and work in the midst of it all.”
Rev. Herbert Taylor, President and CEO Deaconess Abundant Life Communities
“Delphi consistently performs all their work in a safe, sensitive, clean and expeditious manner without disruption to our ongoing activities. I highly recommend Delphi Construction to anyone pursuing a large scale residential project, particularly one involving continuing occupancy.”
George Senerth, Jr., VP of Project Management, Masonic Health System
“Delphi has always endeavored to minimize any added expense to us, and has been generous with their efforts beyond what is called for in their contract, taking a genuine interest in the needs and concerns of St. Christopher’s Church.”
Bruce Wood, Chair, Building Committee St. Christopher’s Episcopal Church
“Delphi surprised us by consistently bringing up issues before we thought of them.”
Erik Jarnryd, CEO Harvey Industries
“Their Work always proceeds smoothly and with minimal disruption to our ongoing operations – even in our busiest and most demanding environments.”
Colin MacLachlan, Facilities Manager Emerson Hospital
“Without exception, all of the feedback from everyone involved with Delphi was 100% positive. The quality of work was superior and timeliness was excellent.”
Norman H. Gopin, President Elite Management and Development Corp.

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