Healthcare and Hospital Construction: Massachusetts and New England

Providing the highest Quality of Care isn’t only the purview of medical professionals.

Delphi is Building Responsibly™ in Healthcare and Hospital Construction.

Delphi Construction of Waltham and Cape Cod Massachusetts got its start as a Healthcare Construction company. Since 1992, our focus has been on  providing hospitals and healthcare facilities with the highly specialized, cutting-edge healthcare construction services they require and demand.

As a construction company that specializes in Healthcare, we understand the challenges faced with every expansion, renovation or new construction project in an occupied medical setting. We know what’s at stake and we take our responsibility very seriously.

Delphi Construction has a proven track record of success and an unrivaled reputation with hundreds of millions of dollars in completed work on the most highly complex healthcare construction projects in occupied Hospital and Medical Facility settings including: Emergency Departments, Intensive Care Units, Surgical Suites, Radiology/MRI/PET/LINAC/Nuclear Medicine, Birthing Centers, Secured Behavioral Health units, Infusion and Specimen Labs, Central Sterile Supply, Pharmacy, Technology Infrastructure and more.

Our Healthcare Construction Division is comprised  of seasoned industry experts who understand the unique needs and applications of the intricate systems that are the lifeline of healthcare facilities. We closely track the industry’s ever-changing regulatory requirements and continuously perfect our skills, keeping abreast of the latest standards, systems and interfaces enabling us to provide the highest quality of care in hospital construction.

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  • Comprehensive Pre-Project Planning, Pre-Construction, Construction and Post-Construction Services for Healthcare Industry
  • Pre Construction Risk Assessments (PCRA)
  • Infection Control Risk Assessments (ICRA)
  • Joint Commission Survey
  • Advanced Planning and Logistics
  • Occupied Hospital Construction and Renovation
  • Emergency Department Construction
  • Intensive Care Unit Construction
  • PACU Construction
  • Birthing Unit Construction
  • Behavioral Health Unit Construction
  • Surgical Suite Construction
  • MRI/PET/LINAC Construction
  • Nuclear Medicine Construction
  • Infusion and Specimen Lab Construction
  • Central Sterile Supply Construction
  • Pharmacy Construction
  • Rehabilitation Facility Construction

Emerson Hospital
Nashoba Valley Medical Center
Mass General Cardiology Program at Emerson Hospital
Lawrence General Hospital
Concord Radiology Center
Lawrence Memorial Hospital
Commonwealth Hematology and Oncology
Harbor Health Services
Concord Plastic Surgery Inc
AFA OBGYN Associates
Kramer OBGYN Associates
Walden Surgical Associates
Emerson Cardiovascular Associates
Well Life Medical
Concord Pediatrics
Lifeplans, Inc
Emerson Dental Associates

Project Spotlight: Healthcare Construction

Emerson Hospital: Project S.C.O.R.E.

Delphi has facilitated the advancement of Emerson Hospital by constructing and renovating its Surgical Day Care Suite, Obstetrics and Radiology areas. Known as Project S.C.O.R.E., the work added three new operating rooms in the Surgery Center, renovations and an addition to the Postpartum Unit, new PACU, Pharmacy, and renovations in the Radiology Center, making it a state-of-the-art facility.


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“I highly recommend Delphi Construction for any work you have related to construction adjacent to occupied residences. Delphi showed not only precision in the construction process, but also managed the process in a way that residents and staff were able to continue to live and work in the midst of it all.”
Rev. Herbert Taylor, President and CEO Deaconess Abundant Life Communities
“Delphi consistently performs all their work in a safe, sensitive, clean and expeditious manner without disruption to our ongoing activities. I highly recommend Delphi Construction to anyone pursuing a large scale residential project, particularly one involving continuing occupancy.”
George Senerth, Jr., VP of Project Management, Masonic Health System
“Delphi has always endeavored to minimize any added expense to us, and has been generous with their efforts beyond what is called for in their contract, taking a genuine interest in the needs and concerns of St. Christopher’s Church.”
Bruce Wood, Chair, Building Committee St. Christopher’s Episcopal Church
“Delphi surprised us by consistently bringing up issues before we thought of them.”
Erik Jarnryd, CEO Harvey Industries
“Their Work always proceeds smoothly and with minimal disruption to our ongoing operations – even in our busiest and most demanding environments.”
Colin MacLachlan, Facilities Manager Emerson Hospital
“Without exception, all of the feedback from everyone involved with Delphi was 100% positive. The quality of work was superior and timeliness was excellent.”
Norman H. Gopin, President Elite Management and Development Corp.

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