Project Description

Downing Square/Broadway Initiative

Multi-Use New Construction

Project Type: 

3 New Buildings on 2 Separate Sites

Project Size: 
56.550SF, 48 Apartments

Housing Corporation of Arlington

Delivery Method:
Pre-Construction Services
Construction Management

About Downing Square/Broadway Initiative

Collectively known as the Downing Square / Broadway Initiative (DBSI). Site One contained 2 buildings (28 units & 6 units) and was at 19 R Park Ave (also know as 116 Lowell Street), and site two was a single building of mixed use containing a retail ground floor with 14 wood framed units above and was located at 117 Broadway in Arlington (several miles away). Both sites were managed by the same office team and with separate superintendents and shared field staffing.

Site # 1 – 116 Lowell Ave (also know as 19R Park Ave) is a 38,700 SF parcel that includes 2 separate wood framed buildings. A 30,800 SF building with a 7,950 SF footprint on the rear 29,500 SF portion of the site and a 6,300 SF smaller residential scale building with a 2,100 SF footprint on the 9,200 SF front portion of the site.

Site # 2 – 117 Broadway is a smaller, 10,750 SF parcel with a four story 19,450 SF building consisting of a 4,400 SF steel podium with 3 stories of wood frame above. There is ground floor retail and 3 floors/14 apartments above. The building footprint and parking uses close to 100% of the site footprint.

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