Noquochoke Village

Westport, MA

Project Type

New Construction


Project Size

49.184SF, 50 Residential Units



The Community Builders



DBVW Architects

Project Overview

New construction of 50 units of affordable housing in Westport Massachusetts. The site is home to a total of eight residential buildings in addition to a community building and pump house.

Of the 50 new units, Noquochoke Village consists of multiple affordable housing floorplans to suit residents needs. Units range from one bedroom flats of 711 square feet ranging all the way up to 3 bedroom townhouse style units.

Major site development was needed to prepare the future home of Noquochoke Village. Placement of three large water tanks were installed in the ground to provide fire fighting water and drinking water for residents.

Landscaping, sidewalks, parking lots and a road were also needed for the new development.