Sandwich Public Library

Sandwich, MA

Project Type

Historic Renovation to a 20th Century Public Library


Project Size

15,665 SF



Town of Sandwich



David L King Architects and studioMLA Architects

Project Overview

Originally built in 1910, with two further renovations in the 1960’s and 1980’s, the Sandwich Public Library is a significant historic building in Sandwich, the oldest town on Cape Cod. When it came time to modernize the building, town administrators put the project up for bid to qualified builders in the area. Delphi was honored to be selected to handle the project. The work had a duration of approximately 8 months and was delivered to a very happy client on time and on budget.

Though some exterior work, especially the preservation/restoration of the building’s distinctive and historically sensitive windows, was completed as part of the scope of work, the majority of the project focused on modernizing and improving the utility of the building’s interior. This included stripping out to the studs and replacing walls, floors, ceilings, woodwork and fixtures throughout. A new Children’s area and staff offices were introduced per the architect’s designs.