When is the Right Time to Bring a General Contractor into Your Project?

To Ensure Success of Your Construction Project, The Earlier You Bring in a Construction Expert, The Better.

In the not so distant past, the standard approach to construction project development was for the owner and architect to start the project off working as a team. Only when they reached the point of having a solid direction would they reach out to a general contractor or construction manager, and even then, it was often only to get an order of magnitude budget.

Thankfully, most owners and architects have come to see the tremendous value of adding a team member with construction expertise to the team from the earliest stages. This is best accomplished through securing pre-construction services.

There are tremendous efficiencies to be realized through pre-construction services provided by a qualified General Contractor or Construction Manager. As detailed in a previous article about the 5 benefits of preconstruction services )These include all aspects of the project’s development. Preconstruction services can help the owner develop a budget that is comprehensive and accurate, uncover cost savings opportunities, develop optimal phasing and logistics plans, vet subcontractors and analyze bids.

The key to preconstruction services is collaborative planning. By working together from the earliest stages there is far less of a need to correct and re-work the plans. There is little chance of being caught by surprise when you send your drawings out for bids and they come back far higher than you may have anticipated.  Overall, preconstruction services provided by a qualified construction manager ensures a highly efficient process, far less risk, greater cost-savings and highly increased likelihood of a successful project.

Delphi proudly offers clients and architects a comprehensive suite of preconstruction services. We would love to be of assistance on your next project.