Custom High End Residential Construction

Bringing the efficiencies of Professional Construction Management to the high end residential market.

As one of the largest multi-market Construction companies in Massachusetts, we’ve had the opportunity to manage many highly complex, multi-million dollar construction projects for hospitals, religious facilities and higher education campuses among others.

Successfully managing and constructing projects of that size and scale requires highly developed management processes and systems typically not available in residential construction.

The idea behind Delphi Special Projects is to bring the benefit of these mature and efficient systems to select high end residential clients.

By applying these advanced management systems throughout all phases of construction from detailed pre-project planning, precise schedule development, accurate and comprehensive budget development, on-site management, accounting and cost control, we are able to deliver the highest quality final product in less time and with considerable cost savings.

With Delphi Special Projects, all of these services are delivered through a highly personal approach that puts our client’s unique needs first, always.

Partnering closely with architect and owner to deliver a final product that exceeds all expectations.

We see ourselves as partners with the architect, working together toward the shared goal of exceeding our client’s expectations.

As such, our approach to working with our design side counterparts is always collaborative, never adversarial.

We recognize that the architect’s creative vision is at the heart of the project. We work hard to internalize the nuances of the design and ensure that they are carried forward throughout construction.

By coming alongside during the design phase we are able to collaborate with the architect to overcome design and construction challenges and ensure that the final product will live up to the vision that inspired it.

We also understand that the creative process is dynamic by nature. We always extend the flexibility expected from a good partner.
If conflicts do arise, we work together as creative problem solvers and practice effective communication in order to find a win-win solution in the best interest of the client.

In short, we strive to be the kind of construction partner that both clients and architects love to have at the table beside them.

Combining comprehensive construction management systems with the highest quality craftsmanship.

Of course, while the efficient management practices from the commercial construction world can bring tremendous benefit to your project, it goes without saying that the level of detail, quality of finishes and subtleties of architectural design involved in custom high end residential construction are not the same as those of a hospital, hotel or university building.

The key to a stunning high end home is in the selection of the craftsmen who will bring it to life.

Delphi’s stable of specialized subcontractors consists of the finest artisans and craftsmen working today. From highly skilled master carpenters and detailed woodworkers to masons specializing in exotic stone.

All of whom have the highly refined skills to deliver breathtaking results and the professional discipline to do so as promised, on time and on budget.

Delphi Special Projects is all about bringing the best of both world’s together: Comprehensive management systems and the highest quality craftsmanship.

Providing transparency every step along the way with Delphi True Open Book™ Management Framework

One of the main ways Delphi is different from other construction companies is our True Open Book™ Management Framework.

This innovative contract structure option gives the homeowner the greatest flexibility and decision making input along with total transparency throughout.

Unlike traditional “Lump Sum” construction contracts common in residential construction (where the builder submits a bid for the project and keeps the profit) Delphi’s True Open Book™ management approach is based on a “Guaranteed Maximum Price” plus an agreed upon management fee.

Here’s how it works and why its beneficial to the homeowner.

We work closely with the client and architect before construction begins to look at the project in great detail in order to develop a comprehensive Owner’s Budget for all aspects of construction.

With this Maximum Budget in place, Delphi presents the homeowner with multiple, vetted subcontractor quotes and material options to empower the homeowner to make the best choices for them.

Any savings are returned to the homeowner.

With True Open Book™ Delphi charges only for overhead/general requirements plus an agreed upon management fee.

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